The mission of the Festival of Arts web site was to provide visitors with background information regarding the festival's projects and events and to also offer visitors a sneak peak at our historic murals. Commissioned in the 1980s, the years have not been kind to these once grand outdoor exhibits, many of these murals have been damaged, neglected or removed entirely.

These pages, originally created in the late 1990s were thought lost when the Welland Festival of Arts dissolved. Fortunately, these pages have been brought back to life so that visitors may explore a virtual tour of these murals as they existed in their prime days.

Moving forward, the site will help promote interest both in past mural projects as well as hopes for urban art projects within the city of Welland.

This Welland Mural site would not have been possible without the generous support of the Black Lantern Experience

Please note that these pages are of a much older style of web development, long before the rise of cascading style sheets and high speed internet. Hence the layout and the size of graphics have been optimized for a dial-up form of internet.

With that said, please enjoy a tour of Welland's historic murals.

Take a virtual tour of Welland's Giant Outdoor Art Gallery.

The Welland Murals site is supported by the Black Lantern Experience.