The Welland Festival of Arts wishes to thank the following artists who were involved in the Welland Murals Project. While we have tried to keep track of all recent contact information, we would appreciate hearing from any of our artists who have updated information to be added to this list (email address, web site location, etc..). Just contact the office via phone, fax or email, and we will be pleased to update your information.
Ron Baird
Stouffville, Ontario
Steam Engine - Mural 22
Ross Beard
Welland, Ontario
Towpaths - Mural 1
Upbound at Midnight - Mural 13
The Pond - New Year's Eve - Mural 18

Stefan Bell
Sante Fe, New Mexico
Tugboats - Mural 21

Marsha Charlebois
Welland, Ontario
The Cordage Community - Mural 15

Lorraine Coakley-Black
Fonthill, Ontario
Where Water Meets Rail - Mural 20

Bas Degroot
Wainfleet, Ontario
New World - Mural 8
Canal Construction - Mural 26

Paul Elliott
Toronto, Ontario
Triathlon - Mural 12

Greg Garand
Kenzington, Ontario
Lift Bridges - Mural 6

Heinz Gaugel
History of the Niagara Peninsula - Mural 3
History of the Welland Canal - Mural 4

John Hood
Toronto, Ontario
Three Historical Scenes - Mural 9
Welland Fair - Mural 14
The Welland Club - Mural 19

Andrew Miles
Barrie, Ontario
Wagons - Mural 10

David More
Benalto, Alberta
Welland Trolley - Mural 5

Brian Romagnoli
Beamsville, Ontario
Canal Digging - Mural 27

Dan Sawatzky
Chemainus, British Columbia
Tell Me About The Olden Days - Mural 16
Little Helper - Mural 17

Mike Svob
Coquitlam, British Columbia
Welland Dairies - Mural 2
Main Street - Mural 25

Risto Turunen
Lambeth, Ontario
Welland World War I Efforts - Mural 7
Education - Mural 11

Phillip Woolf
Toronto, Ontario
Downtown Welland - Mural 24

Ted Ziegler
St. Catharines, Ontario
Working Women - Mural 23

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