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Welland's Murals:
18. The Pond - New Year's Eve

About the Mural
The Pond - New Year's Eve by Ross Beard, Welland, Ontario. Painted in 1988, at 188 East Main Street (LCBO Building), 34' by 10'. Ross Beard's second mural shows the Welland Junction as it might have looked in winter of 1970. The water tower, station and cement blocks in the lift bridges are gone now, but for many, the memory remains.

A yellow sky with pensive shades of blue bathes the station in its final days, while upturned earth in the foreground signals construction of the new Welland Canal and the end of an era. 

The Artist's Interpretation
"The Pond is a nostalgic look at my youth during the construction of the Welland Canal Bypass in the early seventies. A drainage pond was constructed to redirect Lyon's Creek near the Welland Junction train station. Here we played as children skating - warming up in the train station. [It's a] very intimate intimate look at the massive work involved with construction of the canal. Working on sidewalk level on Main Street, I found almost like working on stage. I attempted to raise the detail so that a viewer could be face to face with the scene."

Your Virtual Guide's Comments
A most realistic depiction of a wintry eve in Welland. Evident here are the changes happening in Welland because of the construction of the canal by-pass. The scene is unencumbered by human content and, indeed, and the presence of humanity in the landscape is only vaguely hinted at by the lights in the house and the wisp of smoke from the chimney. Consider how different the impression would have been had there been children skating on the pond. Without people, there is nothing to disturb the tranquility of the landscape. 

About the Artist: Ross Beard, Welland, Ontario
Ross Beard is a well-known local landscape artist who attended Sheridan College of Art. He has been painting professionally for more than 24 years. His passion for painting and drawing goes back to his childhood. He concentrates on creating panoramic scenes that draw the viewers into the paintings. HIs work is refreshingly unique, blending earthy Welland landscapes with his own ethereal symbolism. Ross often bases his paintings on a feeling, triggered by a song or a memory. He will recall a scene or landscape that reflects the feeling and paint it. He likes to use blue and dark hues to "give an easy-on-the-eyes feeling."

Beard is a talented and energetic artist whose brilliant use of colours and painstaking attention to detail have earned him high honours every time he sets to work.

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