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Welland's Murals:
25. Main Street

About the Mural
Main Street by Mike Svob, Coquitlam, British Columbia. Painted in 1989, at 22 King Street (CIBC), 58' by 17'. Mike Svob portrays two views in this mural of early downtown Welland. A mid-19th century East Main Street scene shows the Ross Building and neighbouring stores. The second part of the mural shows the inside of the Morwood Store, an original Welland retailer, who opened for business in 1856. The honest-to-goodness general store boasted success for more than a century.

The Artist's Interpretation
"I remembered Morwood's as a child - the night it burned down, I watched in amazement. Having left 20 years ago, the mural pulled me back into my youth and beyond. Painting something that has passed into history seemed to allow a certain freedom to be more expressive with colour and pattern. There are no colour pictures from this era and no one who can challenge my choices. This meant I could largely create my own interpretation."

Your Virtual Guide's Comments
A somewhat stylized image of Main Street. It is quite unlikely that either location was as brightly coloured as shown in the mural. As artist Mike Svob points out, he is painting a childhood memory of these scenes. He uses surreal colour to capture the larger than life impressions inherent in such recollections. In the centre stands Mr. Morwood, an imposing figure, when seen through the eyes of a little boy. The business community of Welland was obviously in capable hands. 

About the Artist: Mike Svob, Coquitlam, British Columbia
The contemporary artist creates captivating imagines in watercolour and acrylic. Mike was born and raised in Welland and attended Centennial Secondary School. He sold his first painting at the age of 14. He obtained a general Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario then travelled extensively before settling in British Columbia. He then took up painting full time.

A combination of workshops, classes and self-analysis has taught Mike to weave his visions into a wide range of boldly designed and executed pieces. This work has won him numerous awards and commissions. These awards include first place in the annual Northwest Watercolour Show in Seattle, Washington and first prize at the Federation of Canadian Artist Workshop on Saltspring Island, British Columbia. As a result, his art can be found in dozens of galleries as well as many private collections.

He is proud of being basically self taught "with the help of talented artists" along the way. 

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